GIFLIF | Comedy & Music Fest | 26 & 27 March | Bhopal

Poetry Contest

Since its inception, GIFLIF has been undertaking exceptional efforts for encouraging the young, budding poets in each city it visits. In the process, it has come in touch with thousands of poets from all corners of the country and has given its stage to over 150 poets.

As a part of the curtain raiser each year, GIFLIF curates a Poetry Contest, combining the local flavors of the host city. Among its most successful events has been Poetry on Wheels during the Gurgaon edition – where GIFLIF was recognized by the Golden Book of World Records for conducting the first ever poetry congregation in a running train.

Poetry on Wheels – Gurgaon Chapter

Poetry on Cruise – Bhopal Chapter

Poetry on Rooftop – Raipur Chapter

Poetry on Rooftop – Raipur Chapter Season 2